Image component not showing for logged out users

The Image component for showing photos is only displaying for logged in users, even though to component is set to display for everyone. I have other components that only show to logged in users (like an image picker for example) but the actual images component is meant to show for everyone. In the builder, when I select “view as anyone”, it does show, but again not consistently. It often doesn’t show until i select view as [logged in user] which shows it, and then when i go back and select “view as anyone” again, it does show. Very confusing but does seem like a bug rather than error on my part?
Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

For example, you can see from my screenshot here from my builder that the photos are displaying for anyone in preview:

But if you click on the link to view as anyone, they are not showing. and if you were to log in, they would show (which I know you can’t test that last part.)

Thank you

Can you show the configuration for the image component?

Hi Jeff. Thanks for the reply. Not sure what exactly you want to see for configuration, but it has no conditions for visibility:
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 14.47.49

Maybe the best way to demonstrate is that when i open up the builder, viewing as anyone, the component is not showing. see below. but then if i view as a user, and the go back to view as anyone, it is showing. see below below. i’m pretty sure it’s a bug.

I see your image component is sourced from some sort of array type of column. Can you show how that column is configured in the data editor?

I’m not worried about the inconsistencies when switching users. The builder can act up in some cases when you do that, and it’s not a real world scenario with a published app.

OK good to know. Well it’s a native Glide multi image column and so not sure what else to show on that.

Ok. Looks like that column is marked as user specific due to the blue icon and the fact that you are using an external data source (Airtable). The images in that column are only going to visible to the user that uploaded them. If a user is signed in, they will only see the images they uploaded. If a user is not signed in and they can still upload images, then those images will be thrown away when they close the app. Images for non signed in users will not be visible or saved.

For whatever reason, Glide will only allow the Multiple Files/Images columns to be user specific when using external data sources, so borderline useless.


Ah very interesting. Fair play to you Jeff. I know I am using Airtable but I thought because I was using a native Glide column for the photos it might work better but obviously not. Because as far as I’m aware having a column with multiple images in Airtable won’t work in Glide either.
It’s strange that what seems like a simple use case of displaying a few images isn’t possible. Unless I go all in on Glide as the db source too I guess.

Thanks for all your help Jeff

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Yeah, for now you are stuck with using a glide table, or creating individual image columns and later use the Make Array column to join them all into an array.