Problems displaying images

Happy new year, everyone! I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my images displaying. My first problem was that I want to add an image to my greetings page, with a special component, but it won’t display. I chose the URL, and set to be visible when name is empty. And, just today, my images aren’t showing up on my profile pages either, even though I don’t have any visibility conditions set up for that. Sometimes the pictures show up on the profile pages, but it doesn’t seem to last.

Have you shared your Drive image publicly?

When I type in the URLs, the images show up. They must be public, right?

As long as you have them shared publicly in your Drive, it can be displayed here.

Otherwise you can upload them straight to Glide and use the link that is generated.

If I type the data I have in the image URL area, into Bing, the image pops up. But it went show here. How do I upload it straight to Glide. And why are there images in the editing page, but not the profile pages?

We do not recommend hosting images in Google Drive. Google doesn’t want you doing this either. In your case, you haven’t configured your image for public sharing correctly.

You can upload directly in Glide’s data editor, or by dragging the image onto the component.

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The images are already in Glide’s data editor, but they’re just not showing up on the profile pages. The image that I want to display on the greetings page is like a special component that doesn’t seem to be stored in the spreadsheets. Where would you recommend that I host the image to get it to display? I know the visibility conditions are set right because that little “missing an image” indicator only shows up when they are.

Have you pointed your image component to the right column?

Somehow I got the profile pictures to display again, but I fear that that’s only temporary. I uploaded the images I want to display on the greetings page to imgbb, but it still won’t display. I have that image component pointing to URL.

I see you’re having a Profile tab here. Assuming you have made the right tab level filter, shouldn’t you point that to the image column in your Sheet instead of a custom URL?

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As far as the profiles: when I delete the image component, and add another one, it reappears. I don’t have any visibility conditions because I don’t have any times that I’d like for them to not be visible to anyone. But, I suspect that this might be why the images keep disappearing…:neutral_face:

Again, have you pointed the image component to the column here?


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I don’t want it to be associated with any one profile. I just want it to be visible to everyone as soon as they sign in every their email, and they haven’t filled out their name yet. Should I create another tab? I just want it to stay whenever that welcome sentence stays; it’s not in the spreadsheets.

I’ve got image pointing to image, and it works for a minute. Then it seems to revert back to URL. That’s when they disappear again.

You can use an if-then-else column to achieve that.

Is it possible that the reason they keep reverting back to URL is because I’m not reloading the sheets?lol

Should I create another tab just to hold the logo picture, and keep it separate from the profile pictures?

Can you record a video of that “reverting back”? That seems strange and should not happen. I believe pointing to the image column is the right approach.

We’ve kind of gone all over the place and gotten off track. Here are some thoughts on everything mentioned above:

  • Google Drive images may only be showing in the editor because you are signed into your Google account and the images are not public. If you can still view the image in incognito mode without being signed into your Google account, then that confirms that they are public.
  • As mentioned above, Google drive is not a good image host. In the past, people have had temporary issues with Google blocking any shared media due to what they consider abuse. That’s why it’s advised to upload images directly to glide or another image host.
  • To upload an image to glide, you can do it several ways. You can temporary add an image picker to your app to fill a column and obtain the image url by uploading an image through the picker. You can also drag and drop the image into the data editor or directly into an image component. This will give you a url. I’m not entirely sure if that will work with an image component set with a custom (non column) url, but once you obtain the url, you can manually fill the custom url field for the image component.
  • Be sure you are using ‘https’ as opposed to ‘http’
  • Seems like we’ve gone off track with an image column in the sheet. Sounds like you don’t need that in this case, but you can temporarily create a column to hold your static image url when you upload it through glide. You can later delete it once you have the url, but it would be a good experiment. Another option, is to have a template column that you just fill with the image url at all times. This will populate it the same for all users.
  • The reverting thing doesn’t sound right. A video would help. It may be a glitch with the glide editor not syncing with the servers, or there is something you are doing to cause it to revert.