[Save] Button Appear To Be Inactive

Hi guys, I am new to Glide Apps. I just bumped into one strange problem. I added the ability for users to edit and save an item. Two of the tabs on my home screen have this function and everything is working well. However, I have one home screen tab with Leads data and that won’t let the user save edited content. The save button appears to be inactive. What am I missing? Please see the attached screen.

Update: I found a fix to this. Never mind. Thanks.

Probably not related, but you should get rid of that On Submit action. It isn’t necessary because the default action after editing is to return to the details screen. So with that action configured, you’ll be showing a details screen on top of a details screen, which almost certainly isn’t what you want.

As to why you can’t submit, it’s most likely because there is a condition that isn’t met. Carefully check the configuration of each of the components on the edit form one by one.

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