Can't Submit Edits

My App/Pages Support link:
Learn how to create one: Support Link - Glide Library

Describe the bug:
*Edit screen is available. However, I can only cancel, not submit the new edits. *

Expected Behaviour:
I should be able to edit components. There are only 2 required fields, both of which are filled.

How to replicate:
I’ve added new content, changed the user, removed all required fields, and changed the ‘team’ with which this app is shared with no joy. It’s also happening with several of my apps. Edits just aren’t being accepted. I can only do it in the Google sheet, which defeats the purpose of using the app.

You can create one using[quote=“milez, post:1, topic:17853, full:true”]
When using the “allow edit” function, aka the pencil, data is not saved to sheet after hitting “finish”.

Thanks, @Cynthia_Blake. The link above takes me to our Glide Docs and the Loom link takes me to Loom’s main site. Can you update?

Just try to edit the recipe you see. I can’t no matter how I log in. I have this set to be edited by anyone.

I was able to edit without any issues.

I can hit Edit, and chance things. ‘Done’ is gray and doesn’t keep the changes for me.

Now I can edit from the app but not via the app builder. Any ideas? This makes it hard to test the app.

@Mark @George-Glide @SantiagoPerez

Facing the same issue. Can’t submit done in the edit screen. None of the options are required in case you think that is the reason.

@Hassan_Nadeem Could we have a support link and instructions on how to get to that Edit screen?

Check inbox :slight_smile:

The problem is that the “Type of purchase” column starts out with a value that’s not in the list of choices, so the Choice component considers its input invalid.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I’m talking about. There is only one choice, and it’s filled. I can’t choose ‘DONE.’

Hi Cynthia,

You can join this meeting so I could see your backend and help you fix it if it is not a bug.

Can confirm, I am able to edit without any issues.

Check to make sure that none of your choice options have extra spaces at the end.