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The app I created, database and info, stopped being able to add data. The Submit button doesn’t work anymore Since August 12.

Not sure what happened or if something changed when Glide was updated.

ANy thoughts>

Glide have been rolling out quite a few updates recently, including some significant updates to the underlying computational model. It’s possible that some of these updates may not be compatible with older App configurations.

My suggestion would be to carefully check the form component configurations to ensure they are all still intact. Feel free to post screen shots here if there is anything you aren’t sure about.


Yea, I tried to see f I could make the form button work, once I selected it, it gave me a long list of things and now cannot even find the form it connected to. Oh well. I think it may be time to redo the app anyway.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 2.02.57 PM

So here are 2 screenshots. I used to be able to add data, or edit data in this screenshot but the Done button is faded and not able to be clicked.

The done button should only be faded when certain components marked ‘required’ are not filled out. I would check all of your components listed on the left hand side of editor to see if any additional components are marked ‘required’. Perhaps you have a hidden component which is required and empty.


Thank you. Strange how it never happened before but found the pesky little required button, that never prevented the app from functioning before.

Next thing is to redesign it!

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Ya sometimes we use the required condition for UI.

i.e. a choice component where we don’t want the empty ‘-’ option

Marking a component required on a new/ details screen will only have an affect on the UI of that component… not the app itself. When using Native From and Edit screens though the required components will absolutely influence the ‘submit’ and ‘done’ buttons.

I hope that helps!

I’m curious that you have an onSubmit Add Row action on an Edit form. That’s quite an odd setup.
Is it really your intention that a new row is created for every edit?
The only reason I could think of for doing that would be if you were capturing some sort of audit log.

The idea it has been working since some update happened at glide was an entry is created. It can be edited.
I can also add another connection with that person and that adds a new row and I have an inline setup where I can click on the person and see the details of when and why I met them last and every time I have met them and the reason for it. They jump around to different offices too.
I’m an actor and it tracks my auditions and casting that I have met.

It’s not a perfect app for what I want but it’s very close.

Not sure I’m following, but from what I can tell from your earlier screen shot, every time a user saves that edit screen, a new row will be added to your ConnexionList table. Seems odd, but maybe that’s what you want. I don’t know.


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