Glide Editor data view?

I’ve got a Glide Table with an email field called User. I allow users to edit that table and have a custom action: On Submit

:zap: Set Columns…
User: :email: User’s email address

In the Glide Editor’s left pane, I have the Components window set to view DATA and I see that the email has dutifully filled the correct field… But when I look in the Table Editor, my User field remains empty. Toggle back to the GUI editor and the email is still showing in the DATA view. Have I missed something simple? You can see screen capture below with email address obfuscated (near bottom).

Result is that when I navigate away from that screen in the app, the user’s email is not retained. Thoughts?

May be a bug. I know people have had issues with setting column values in Add mode or Form mode, but I would think that Edit mode shouldn’t have too many issues, since the row already exists.

Have to ask though, wouldn’t it be simpler to just set the email column by using the Email Special Value component instead of trying to add it through the On Submit action?


Yeah, it feels like a bug. And yes, special value would be easier, but I don’t always see that option. I assumed that there’s something I haven’t fully understood about SV, because sometimes it’s available and sometimes it’s not.

I have to say, lately it feels like I’m walking across a sea of ice flows with glide. I’m not confident enough in my own knowledge of it to discern between my mistakes and glides quirks.

Composed on a phone… Blah, blah, blah…

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Special Values should be available on Add/Edit/Form screens. You won’t have access to them on a Details/View screen.


Now I’m finding the same inconsistent behavior with a timestamp. In a different tab of the same app, I have a stopwatch. It is logging time to a google sheet called “rower”. There’s a Timestamp column and a special value component that is directed at that column. When I pause > submit the stopwatch value, the timestamp appears in the same DATA view within Glide Editor, but is never written to “rower” - Not in the Glide Data editor, nor the Google Sheet. The duration/elapsed time value from stopwatch is recorded, along with the user’s name (another field that’s setup in the Form).

What’s interesting/disappointing is that I have exited the app (from the GDE) and returned to it, and it still behaves the same way. :man_shrugging:

Happy to share the app via support link if anyone at Glide wants to see this behavior. I’m throwing in the towel for now. Too frustrating. [EDIT: By throwing in the towel, I mean… I’m gonna go bang on a different Glide App for a few hours. :man_facepalming:]

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