Excel data not syncing

  1. I enter data by submitting a form I see it in Glide’s data view.
  2. After ~1 minute the row disappears from Glide’s data view.
  3. After ~2 minutes the row re-appears in Glide’s data view.

However, any data that was added using an “on submit form” action is no longer stored.
This data was visible at step 1.

When I add fields to the form and hide them (using arbitrary visibility conditions) then the data update works fine.

Is this expected?

An onSubmit action that Sets Column values after submitting a form is always a bit hit and miss. The problem is that if the onSubmit action fires before the new row is added, then the Set Column values can fail.

You could try inserting a short wait condition before the Set Column values to give it a bit of time.
But a better approach is to avoid the Set Column Values action altogether and pass whatever you need as column values with the form submission.

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Yeah ended up going with the latter.
Just had to hide the fields using made up visibility conditions.

Maybe Glide should just not provide that on submit action as it never seems to work reliably.

Thanks Darren

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