Column Info Changing after Form Submitted

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Describe the bug:
I created a form that would add information to another sheet. Once the form is submitted, all the information goes into the columns perfectly. Then a few seconds later a couple of columns information is replaced with the Row ID suddenly without any reason.

Expected behavior:
The information should just be added to the correct columns like it did at the beginning. There should be no sudden replacement of any column information.

How to replicate:

  1. Go to PCs & Laptops tab

  2. Scroll to the bottom then click “Log an Issue” button

  3. Fill out the form then click “Submit” in the upper right hand corner

  4. Then everything goes into the correct columns then after a few seconds, the row ID is entered into the “Created Date” and “Issue Name” fields

Link to demo recording:
Unable to provide a video at this time

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Do you have any additional ‘On Submit’ actions that get called after the form is submitted?

Yes, just to set columns where the current date/time is added?

Would it be better if I did a custom action where I did Add Row, then Set Columns?

Sounds like you don’t need any On Submit actions at all. Adding another Add Row actions is just going to lead to duplicate rows. Forms already add rows on their own.

If you need current date/time, you can add a Current DateTime Special Value component, which will populate the column when the row is added.

The reason I asked about any On Submit actions is the thought that maybe you have extra actions that overwrite a column once a row is added.

So I got rid of the On Submit Action. And the issue is still there. Again, once I submit the Row ID is being randomly submitted to two columns. To Column F & I. And I did not set it up to do it that way.

A video would be useful, but at least screenshots would help. Two columns randomly being filled seems odd. I could maybe muster up a possible reason for one column updating, but two seems like something is not configured right here.

  • What is your underlying data source? Is it a google sheet?
  • Do you have any formulas in those two columns?
  • Do you maybe have a google app script that is overwriting the columns?
  • Can you provide screenshots of the affected columns (including headings) in both the glide editor and the google sheet?

I can provide a video later, I just don’t have the ability to do it now.

I am using an online Excel Sheet. One column is a text field the other is a date field. I am not using any scripts.

Here is a video of what is happening. I am not sure why it occurs when I click into the inline list, but it is strange.

That’s probably a clue. What does the action look like for that last inline list you clicked in your video. I would be willing to bet that it’s a custom action that has a Set Column action before a Show Detail Screen action. That Set Column action is probably overwriting your columns.

The action is just a normal detailed Screen. There is not custom action. I haven’t made any custom actions for this app. I have attached a screenshot to show.

At about 2:18 in your video, I see the ordering of the Rows suddenly change. This is something that should never happen in Glide, so it suggests to me that the source (Excel) sheet has been manually (or automatically) sorted. That also makes me suspicious that something is going on external to Glide that is causing these changes.

Are there other people that have access to the source Excel sheet?
If there are, are you 100% certain that somebody else isn’t making these changes - either deliberately or inadvertently?


I am the only person who has access to this sheet. I made this app for myself only.