After submit action not working as expected

I have an after submit action designed like so:

The set column values steps set a column to A or B.

Here’s what I see:
Glide client app data source (Excel) shows value A for 3 x test records:

Glide admin glide app using same data source shows value A or no value set:

Again, these apps use the same data source.

Is the column a user specific column by any chance? Can you show the data, and show the set column action?

You might or might not be aware, but in one of your screenshots you seem to have an in-app filter with a selection.



The list of records should be the same in both apps. Because (which I’ve now determined) the “on submit form” action essentially doesn’t work with an Excel data source because of timing issues, the columns that require data from the action aren’t populated, therefore only one record is being displayed in that screenshot.

The filter should display all three (where status = exceeds budget).


What happens is I use an action (shown above) to update some cols for the record I just created when submitting the form.

As has been pointed out, Glide tries to do the update and create the record at roughly the same time. Syncing with Excel is often a problem for Glide (not necessarily Glide’s fault). The create record then update cols is too much for the sync to handle. May or may not be true for other data source types.

In my case, the record is created in Glide’s cache, synced back to Excel, but then because of timing and sync issues, column updates performed by the action are shown in Glide but soon disappear. This behaviour is common when syncing to Excel it seems.

Anyways, I’m using form fields that are hidden with visibility conditions to work around this. All good.

In terms of showing you the data, I can get screenshots that I’ve posted in slack. But the issue I’m describing is about timing. So at point in time 1 the record is shown as hoped, at point 2 it disappears. At point 3 it is back but without the updates from the action.


The Excel file 10 mins later

(There are no entries in the status column, but there were some shown in Glide minutes before)

The Excel data is then synced back to the Glide cache and those columns are then empty in Glide.