Glide not updating/syncing with Google Sheet

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Describe the bug:

  1. Add a record in Glide
  2. Glide data source shows record
  3. Google Sheet shows only some columns updated

Expected Behaviour:
Google Sheet shows all columns updated

How to replicate:

  1. Add a record in Glide
  2. View Glide data source (record added)
  3. View Google Sheet (some columns are blank)


I don’t trust using On Submit actions to set values after a row is added. I’m not saying that it shouldn’t work, but I’ve seen too many posts where it seems to work sporadically. I feel like things run too quickly and possibly the set column action runs before the row is fully added. Maybe it works better with glide tables instead of google sheets because you don’t have to worry about the back and forth syncing, which may be clearing your values.

But anyway, I feel that you would be better off adding Special Value components to your form, which will do the same thing and is guaranteed to work. It adds all of the column values when the row is added instead of adding the row and then following it with an update.