Send Multiple Items to Another Sheet

Hi !

I have been trying to send more than 1 item from the CART SHEET (ENVIADO AL CARRITO) to the CONFIRMED SHEET (PEDIDOS CONFORMADOS) but it only send the first row .

I have been using the form component in order to do so.

Anyone can help me with this ?Thank you

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Perhaps you just need a relation colum in your confirmation sheet to achieve what you want to do.


I’d suggest you exactly what @Jacktools_Net said.

In your confirmation table you just need the Cart ID, total value, etc… because in a Adm panel you’ll need only a relation to get the informations of the cart table related to that Cart ID


If you just need to join some certain things (like items, quantities etc.) then probably you can try a join list on a template column.

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When the customer just make one order , the data gets sent to the confirmation sheets and everything works fine, but The problem is that once the customer makes more than 1 orders , just the data of the first row gets sent to the confirmation sheet.

So I cannot make a relation of the orders that didn’t got sent to the confirmation sheet.

So you’re using a custom cart you made with a form, is it correct?

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In addition of that, I guess what you need exactly is to know how to create an Order ID. Because once I order something, my order ID must be different in a second time or for another user.

Here’s what I used and help me a lot a while ago with Buffalo Burger and Forker (multi-delivery app), thank to @Jeff_Hager!


I created a Order ID which is User Row ID + Menu ID but that is not the problem.

The problem is that when I use the FORM component to send all the order’s data to another sheet , only the first row is sended to the other sheet.

So suppose you order :1 Pizza , 2 Big Macs & 2 Sushi.
Only the 1 Pizza will get send to the other sheet of all your order.

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Yes . But that is a little troublesome because when the user hits “send” on the form component , just 1 row of all his order gets send to the confirmation sheet.

That’s normal @al3xrods the form button always will send the first row

What you gotta understand is to get the informations you need to send in this single row to ‘Orders Confirmed’ table