Create a code for each confirmed order

staff needs to generate a script or some form of when the order is confirmed to generate a code, not one code per line, one code per confirmed order, so that the customer can place more than one order.


Do you have an order record and then related items records for that order? If you do then you can allow your staff to edit the order record and add a confirmed order code. You can have it automatically add a unique id special value when the order is edited. Or they can manually enter a code.

Otherwise you can create a zapier or script to monitor whatever your process triggers as a confirmed order.

Did you solve it bro?

@Warley_Serafim are you still looking to have this solved?

Me and @Wiz.Wazeer did the same thing in this app:

We concatenate multiple line of items in cart into one order and give them an ID.

How to do that?

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This may be a method they used.

Thanks bro. I will try it