Populating a sheet using action feature. Help Me Please!

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Im a little stuck! :frowning: Hope someone can help me! :pray:

I have a Cart screen wich shows the products the users has choosen. When “Quiero este producto” button is clicked, then It opens the form called “Formuario adición carrito”. This form when submiting populates a sheet called “Log carrito” which records all the products (wiith info about it and the user) in the cart. So far good!.

But when the user wants to procced with the purchase, in the Cart screen I want those user´s records to be sent to another sheet called “Orders Log”. I tried many ways but nothing worked. :frowning: . With the feature Button´s Action I set it with the add row function, but it only add the first record in the “Log Carrito” sheet (in the explample below Flores Blancas record).

So my question is: Is the a way I can pass ALL the user´s “Log Carrito” records to the “Orders Log” sheet and doing so get rid of that records in the “Log carrito” in order to clear the Cart . Please If anyone can help me I´ll be very gratefull… :blush: :blush:


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You can use a Join List column on top of a relation to join all the product info into one place and pass that to the final sheet as you desired.

To “clear” the original rows, one thought is to pass along another column of rowIDs (from another Joined List). Then in the Cart sheet, use a Joined List column to join all rowIDs that have been passed over to the final sheet.

If the cart rowID is included in the joined list column, then hide the row.

Just some thoughts from me, can you try it and let us know how it goes?