Recipe Wanted: 'Add to cart' Actions

Simple minds want/need to know (me)…the set-up required to take values from (2) tabs and add to a 3rd tab. I’ve read and re-read the excellent posts and watched the videos multiple times, so I know it’s doable. I’ve tried various ways to make it work and I am still missing something. Not sure how many more iterations I have left to figure it out, I am happy to schedule a formal CE call if that is best.

Below is a simple sheet with (4) tabs. I know that somewhere I need to build relationship(s) between the tabs.I know I need Actions to trigger Add Row, Set Column etc.

The on-screen flow is that while on the ticket details screen you link to the fruits and at each tap of a fruit the tapped fruit is added to the cart. The cart sets the value of the ticket number based on the ticket detail that was being viewed and increments the quantity based on taps.

I’ll then have a cart detail that users can view to edit quantities up/down and mark cart complete.

I do not need or want any payment functionality.

To create a relationship your cart will need a user column and your ticket number can be added in your compound action you probably dont need a sheet for that at all. You actually dont need relations for any of it. When a user goes to the item list to select a item you just have to have them go to the cart sheet and create inline lists of your items and categories. Then setup the action to increment there when they are clicked. Inline lists can pull from any sheet so when your in your cart the inline list just points to the item lists. Your button to get there wont read “cart” you have that read as “store” or whatever then your actual “cart” button gives you your user specific inline list of items you added. Theres a couple other ways to do this but I think this is the quickest and shouldn’t take but a few minutes to setup.

Then if you want an order history you have your checkout button use compund action to add row to a history page and that adds the items and user as well :slight_smile:

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@Drearystate right on, I will implement ASAP and mark complete once I have it set-up and working, many thanks :+1:

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@Drearystate thank you for the clear and straightforward approach, I was over complicating it.

Almost there…when I tap LA Ticket #2 I see details screen that shows Fruit Store, then an inline list are the fruits; tap increment the ‘qty’ column. But the line in the store sheet does not relate it to LA Ticket #2? So…how to relate the taps on the screen to LA Ticket #2?

Put the items directly in the cart screen then they increment there because you have the column set to user

Hmmm, ok, so from a list of customers I generate a unique service ticket number for billable work to be done for the customer. The header info for the service ticket includes typical date wanted, address, contact info etc. The body consists of line items for quantity materials used, services performed and hours spent. My cart has 300 items of the most-frequently used items.

My create_ticket tab stores all the header info, my materials tab has my 300 items. The techs in the field will update the ticket by adding hours and materials used.

thinking out loud
maybe I need to have a new tab *ticket*; and the STORE button adds a row in this tab with the ticket number currently 'viewing' and on the same row adds the materials you tap and increments the quantity by taps/clicks