Transferring data from one table to another

Colleagues, good afternoon everyone! I use internal Glide tables. There is a current table with shop orders, which has user-specific columns. Moreover, there can be more than one order (read lines). After placing an order for an action or form, you need to transfer these terms to a new table and remove these orders from the current one. Recommend the correct option

a very complicated task, to set multiple rows, you need help from Google Scripts… so I would recommend duplicating order in GS

Let’s call your first table “Cart” and your second table “Orders”.

I assume you mean when there are multiple items in a user’s cart and they press a button, you want to represent those rows in the “Orders” table?

What I usually do, assuming the user is already logged in:

  • Have a rowID column for the “Cart” table.
  • Have a “cartIDs” column in the “Orders” table, which will be used to house the rowIDs from the “Cart” table.
  • Construct a joined list column in the “Cart” table, joining all the “cartIDs” in the Orders table.
  • Have an If Then Else column, if the cart row’s email is not the signed-in user then empty, if the rowID is included in the joined list in step 3 then empty, else return the rowID.
  • Have a second joined list column in the “Cart” table, joining all values in the If Then Else column above. This will be your “unsubmitted IDs”.
  • Finally, when the user presses the “Order” button or something like that, write the second joined list column to the “Orders” table.

To be clear, I don’t clear anything from the “Cart” table. I need those to be individually referenced and editable later on.

Hope it helps your case.

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