Writing a Column Value into a different Table

Hey guys, I could really need some help on this problem:

I have a Collection of my Table that Displays all my items in a Grid.
I want a Button to be under every Item, that lets me write the unique ID of this item to a column in a different sheet.
Think of it like a “add to cart” mechanic

Unfortunately there is no way to create an action that can write to different tables. How can I archive this? I’ve found a Post from 2 Years ago, but I haven’t made any sense of it tbh.

I’ve already tried doing this with a Form that writes the values into a text field, but the form selection components are so basic (only dropdown/checkboxes, no filter, no search), its not really an option.
I’ve also tried setting a temporary True/false flag in every Item, to let the other Table find all the Items that have been checked, but this brought up another problem: there seems to be no way to clear all the values of one column (wtf).

Do you have any idea on how to do this? Im thinking to look for a different no/low-code solution if there is now way to do this. Its’ extremely limiting I don’t really understand why there is no such feature.
Or maybe I’m missing something here, I would really appreciate any advice.

Thanks for your help in advance <3

There’s a lot of ways to do it in Glide. Are you wanting to add rows to a different table when each item is selected, or do you want to update a column in an existing row in that other table?

I want to update a column (in a different table) in an existing row called “selected Items” , to hold the IDs of all the Item that have been clicked, if that makes sense.

What you could do is create a relation in your item table that links to that row in the other table. Then create a lookup that retrieves the list of items from the relation (assuming it would be a comma delimited list). Then create a Split Text column to convert bit into an array. Then use a Make Array column to join that Split Text array and the item I’d into a new array. Then when you click on an item, it would take the make array column and write the value back through the relation to your other table. If you search the forum for trebuchet, you will find several posts the describe a similar technique.


I will look into this, thanks a lot for your quick response Jeff!

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