Send string to another sheet

Hello guys.
is there a way t send a text string using an action from one glide table to another?

Here is the idea i have:
Main table has a value, anything.
Before a click the button, that appears only if a condition is meet, it will send the string from a glide TABLE1 to glide TABLE2.

It is like a HISTORY of that string !!

Is it possible?

Do you want to add a new row each time, or just update the existing value?

Either way it is possible.
To add a new row, use the Add Row action.
To update an existing column value, you’ll need to first create a single relation between the two tables, then you can use an action with a Set Column Values via that relation.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy i had forgotten that way.
The second way I still not sure but I will figure it out.