Copy information from one glide table to another

Please coudl anybody help me to copy information in a raw to a new row in another table in glide?

You can do that with an Add Row action.

Let me give an exemple :
A table named : prospects containing information like
the name of the prospect
his adress
his phone number

WHEN the prospect becomes a client,
i would like to copy the information in the clients table
How could i do it?

Well, you could do it with an Add Row action.

But, then you’d have two copies of the same data in two different tables. Which isn’t the best thing to do.

What about if instead you just have a single table called Contacts, and add an extra column called Contact Type. Each contact can start with a Contact Type of Prospect. Then if a Prospect becomes a Client, all you need to do is change their Contact Type to Client.

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Think you Murphy for you proposal. But i have so many prospects until the clients are few. So i want to get the clients table always available while the prospect table with be back up by exporting the data each 3 months in an offline excel table.
The lines in my app will be deleted after back up operation.

I tried an Add Row action but it shows me the prospects table while i want the information to be inserted in clients table.

With an Add Row action you can choose any table as the destination table.

Thank you very much.
It is done.

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