Copy multiple rows from one table to another table with one click of a button


I have this use case.

  1. I have few rows in a staging table which user has generated for e.g. project name, tasks, username.
  2. With one click of a button I want these rows to be copied to a Master Table which has all the records for all the users. Seems “Create Row” only works for one row and not multiple.

How this can be done?


What is the purpose of the staging table? Why can’t you just add rows to the master table in the first place?


If you still need the Staging table, a thought is to use a JSON structure, send them to Make, parse them over there and batch add the rows using a HTTP call.

An alternative if you’re on Business/Enterprise is to construct the HTTP call inside Glide and use a Call API action.


thanks. By “Make” do you mean “Make Array” column type?

No, I meant, a third-party automation tool.

ohh ok. I have never heard of it. Will give it a try. Thank you very much.

I thought that adding multiple rows would be a pretty standard feature for no code development because that is what see every day for e.g. if you want to save multiple things to your favorite, or add multiple products at once to your inventory. Anyway it is what it is in Glide.

They have no concept of “iteration” in actions thus far. It would be a pretty neat feature.

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I noticed that you didn’t respond to Jeff’s question.

I would encourage you to think about the above. Anytime we see somebody asking about how to move data from one table to another, it almost always indicates poor data design. Get it right at the start and you’ll save yourself a lot of work and headaches further down the track.


I am working on a simple use case of using Open AI which I saw on few YouTube videos. For e.g. I am getting project ideas and project description from Open AI

  1. I have a PROMPT TABLE which stores input prompt and output response as JSON object from Open AI
  2. I have a STAGING TABLE which takes the record in PROMPT TABLE using Single Value Column and then parses the value using javascript for each field for e.g. name and description
  3. In those YouTube Tutorials I understood how can I save any one record as Favorite in a MASTER TABLE but I did not understand if there is a way to save All records at once. and this is my problem statement.

Thanks. I missed that. I have responded now.

ah, so your Staging table is essentially a Helper/Working table.

So your best option is to follow either of the methods that @ThinhDinh outlined: