'Send email' trigger/action didn't work

I’m trying to set up email notifications for when someone gets a review but i just tried it and it didn’t work. Did I set something up wrong?

Glide is not reliable… I would use Google Scripts :wink:

well, that’s annoying. I’ve never heard of google scripts, I’ll check it out. Do i need to make a custom action?

Yes… to activate webhook to Google Script, I have a sample here:

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It worked for me, this is how it looks like in Hotmail…

Did you check your Spam folder?
Are you using a Classic APP or Glide APP?. Test with the last one please…

Bye @Katelyn_Alberts

Hey Katelyn, in this video @Robert_Petitto shows all different ways to send email and explain how each one looks like.

So I guess it’s not about reliability, but about understanding how the things work


I just spent five days fixing my customer’s Pages because Glide changed something in the Users Profile sheet. It is not reliable.

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I checked my spam, not there. I am on classic apps!

ah thank you!

It does seem like there’s a 403 error whenever I try a “Send Email” action on that same app.

A 403 error, also known as “HTTP 403 Forbidden,” is an HTTP status code that indicates the server understood the client’s request, but the client does not have the necessary permissions to access the requested resource. This error typically occurs when the client tries to access a protected or restricted resource for which they lack the appropriate authentication, authorization, or credentials.

For context, this app is on Pro Legacy, not on the new teams plan. I wonder if there are any restrictions with “Send Email” for legacy @DJP @Jason .


Thank you so much for looking in to this Thinh! Hopefully I’ll get some sort of clarity from them. I’ve been curious if the fact that i haven’t upgraded to teams has affected anything on my app. I just haven’t needed to upgrade yet.

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Hey, Katelyn! Could you DM me your team ID and app ID, so I can look into this further?

Did you already open a support ticket?


Hello! Was this ever solved? I’m in the same situation and the “Send Email” action isn’t working.

@DJP @Jason @ThinhDinh @Katelyn_Alberts @Lucas_Pires

Hey, Bjorn! What team plan are you on? Note: This action is not available on Free plans.


Hey, thanks for the answer! That must be it.

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