Send email trigger doesn't work

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
The ‘Send email’ trigger/action doesn’t work.

Expected behavior:
This review should send an email directly to me and it does not

How to replicate:
This action was also tested by @ThinhDinh with screen shot attached here:

Comment on this post is here: 'Send email' trigger/action didn't work - #10 by ThinhDinh

Have you talked to DJP and the team about the bug? I saw DJP commenting on your thread earlier.


Legacy Public Pro apps do not have access to this feature. Only Legacy Private Pro apps have access to the Send Email action.

If you would like access to this feature, upgrade to any paid team plan on our Pricing Page.

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Got it, David, thanks. Are there any resources out there that indicate what other features are not available on the legacy apps so I know what is a bug versus intentional?

Not currently. We would recommend migrating to the latest team plans!

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