"Send Email" displaying error, not allowed

Hi everyone!

I am working on adding an automated email confirmation. After trying to set it up I execute the action but on doing it displays a notification “error”, Then I get an email saying the action failed, and when checking on the Action History I saw this error message:

I read this feature is for paid plans, which I am currently on. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m on a Legacy Pro plan.

I just tried it on a Legacy Pro team and the email goes through. Do all the columns you reference in the action have a value?

The only ones left empty are Bcc and Cc

Is your app a Classic app or a new app?

It’s a new app. I even tried creating a brand new one under the same team on legacy pro but get thrown the same error, that’s why I thought it was something else.

Then I would suggest submitting a ticket.

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