Notification push

push notifications in comments are having problems because when a new comment appears in the notification it doesn’t appear

public but email access type

Only people who:

  1. have also commented on the thread
  2. and who are not the author
  3. and are not viewing the page when the comment happens
  4. and are on Android
  5. and have accepted Push Notifications when posting their own comment

will be notified.

so the first time the notification appeared but then stopped I insert a comment but no notification arrives

to something related to privacy

It is a doubt if the app is locked and someone comments on something the notification appears or the app has to be open

This isn’t a big push for me until IOS allows notifications, but I have an app I created for my bowling team. It has a schedule and I have enabled comments for each weekly entry. One user made a comment this week, but I never saw a notification. Now seeing that I would have needed to also have a comment for that date to see a notification (item 1 in your list), would it be feasible to allow an on/off option to send a notification to all users, regardless if they had previously commented or not? My team uses the app to create a schedule of who bowls each week and I was hoping the comments could be used to communicate to all team members if somebody can’t make it that week or if they need a future date off. I know not everybody is going to go into the app on a regular basis to check if there are any comments. Again, this isn’t a big deal for me right now since half of the users are on IOS, but maybe something to consider for the future. Currently a lot of our communication is through text or email threads.

Hey David - wondering how far away having notifications that can be ‘rule based’ for users is? I.e: I want to send push notifications for users who have logged in 3 days.

Or I want to send a reminder to do a specific task? (I.e go walk your dog…)

Forgive me if this already exists.



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Are push notifications glide branded or pro domain branded ? Thanks