Progress on Push Notifications?

What’s the status of push notifications? My app’s progress kind of hinges on them, but I know that you all are doing all you can. I’d just love to see an update to this Docs page.


Hey @onepixelman! Great to see you here :+1:t4:

We have moved a lot closer and are just working out some final parts to it.

So yes, hopefully I will get to update that quiet little doc page soon! :wink:


Will it be a Pro feature?

Happy to hear it is being worked on! I hope it’s available for everyone! This will be a great addition!

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Hard to say at this stage @marcovrj. Sorry to not be able to give more info at the mo.

Hi - it’s been a while since this thread was updated - what is the update on Push Notifications?

Some of my sites have the Notification option in Chrome to toggle on and off but others don’t. Is there anything that needs to be enabled?

Does this post help any?

Yes that helps, thank you.

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Only Android? I see push notifications advertised on other app services for both? This is a major feature for clients and would be great if I could provide an approximate time frame @JackVaughan

Push Notifications @imorris

Is there any current update on this ?

The last I remember reading was that notifications was a limitation of IOS, so I’m guessing Glide is waiting for Apple to allow it.

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Any more recent news? Will it be a Pro only feature?