In-app chat

I get that but I have a feeling when it is through the link on the google sheet instead of an upload, it will play the video without taking any space or exceeding any file limit.

The way I built it, it’s with the admin, but I’m working on a concept where it’s with any user…stay tuned.

Your feeling is fact. That is the way it works.

hi can you help me i had made a appointment app in have placed a form button to take a appointment i want that form details to send to email automated to client

i wouldn’t be a good source for handling notifications or emails as I’ve never set anything up like that. There are several posts in the form regarding different methods. I went ahead and did a search for you and found a few threads that mention notifications and emails.

Thank you so much sir

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You want to send an email, would something like this works? Not talking about the image, the text only should be easy to setup.

who here has the solution?

You want to talk about the original topic, which is in-app chat, or the email automation?

in app chat solution

You can try this solution by Lisa.

Or maybe integrating this.


I should make a video on how I made my chat app…but you can find it here. Developed this about 5 months ago:

Test it out here:


Though your instructions are quite clear it’s easier to begin with a template, so I’ll use your template as base to build my own chat app.
Thank you for your job

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Looks great Robert.
Just to double check:

  • This can be integrated into any existing Glide app, i.e. not standalone app.
  • Can it be made into a floating button rather than nav bar item (similar to the + icon) ? Reason being, running out of space in nav bar.
  • Does the each conversation count against the 25,000 data row limit?
  • How dynamic is the ability to connect with users? We are creating a marketplace app we want customers to be able to chat with sellers and people will be coming on as they sign up.

Yes that’s true.

As it’s utilizing the comments, that’s a no.

As long as you have the right flow this will be scalable in my opinion.

Many thanks!

1.) Yes, my template is standalone, but it can be replicated into any app…I’ve done it myself several times.
2.) Nope. Glide doesn’t offer this UI
3.) Each conversation, yes. Each post within a conversation, no.
4.) Surely can be dynamic based on your visibility settings.

Thanks Robert for that information!

So I’m making an app from the instagram template so my friends and I can communicate, and i’m trying to make a part where you can chat individually with a person and can switch between people and can see a list of their names. How would I do this?