Push Notifications(of our own)

I think it will be a lot better if we had the ability to design our own pushnotifications(not only comments) rather than using zapier to send emails

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Adalo has that function

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Adalo compiles to native app

I’m sure once Apple IOS allows notifications in PWA’s, Glide will jump all over that and we will get better notification abilities.


Hope it’s not the case here.



What of push notifs from chrome

:laughing: That’s why I suggested the timelines[.]

(Glide feature request wait time and status)

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@Glider Chrome on Android can do it, but until Safari on IOS allows for push notifications, there’s not much that can be done. There’s already limited notifications for Android, but until Apple opens it up, there’s no point in expanding it because then we would be building in notifications in our apps that only half the users will see. Then the forum would be full of people complaining about notifications not working on IOS devices.

@ThinhDinh IOS is getting a bunch of new features that Android has had for years, so you only have to wait a few more years…right? :wink:

@S_C I’m sure Glide’s timeline and plans change frequently based on current demand, complexity, and resources. If they publish their roadmap, then they would have hundreds of people asking for status updates and wondering why something got pushed back, wasn’t delivered on time, or was scrapped altogether. I know at my job, the constant requests for status updates and to completely switch gears to work on something else just slows me down in the long run.




Very thoughtful post @Jeff_Hager.
I completely understand your perspective.
There are some advantages to sharing the status with loyal customers as well. It happens in these groups already. All I am asking is a discussion about feasibility of adding icon/progress bar to the feature vote app :slight_smile:

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All Glide needs to do is make a disclaimer, USE CHROME as default browser on IOS

That won’t make a difference. Chrome on iOS does not support PWA’s, so you wouldn’t be able to install the app. Only Safari allows installation on IOS.


My wife has chrome on her iphone 11

Can she install glide apps or only add bookmarks?

Yes, I made a app for her Hospice company

That’s from googles own chrome help page

Am I missing something?

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When you copy and paste added material that doesn’t help :slight_smile:

??? I’m confused.

Still not possible to install a pwa from chrome on iOS