Push Notifications(of our own)

Sorry, but @Jeff_Hager is correct.

iOS doesn’t like PWAs, and no, I didn’t add this info. :grin:

As for Push Notifications, I too am waiting for a solution to this very annoying Apple setback.


I created a solution months ago…

what was that

Hi, Am I understanding right is this an SMS notification via Google Script ?

Yes, it is.

I think my push notification solution is not only free but also stress free. Just download tawk. to !

Hey @Wiz.Wazeer,

Can you explain more about this? Or point me to where I can find it?

Check out my app wizwazeer.glideapp.io as well as …::::::

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Yes you can. I’ll come back to you. Just getting something out of the way.


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Am I missing something here? I took a look at the apps and I see where we can create an amazing chat service for free but where does the push notifications come in? I would love to do away with google script and have it use another service, I think I’m just missing something here.


I got round all these expensive, time consuming, and demoralising workrounds by:

  1. signing up for a tawk to account
  2. Copy/paste their DIrect chat link into however many columns of however many apps of mine I wanted to by giving each app url a property name like app 1, app 2 blah blah blah.
  3. Downloading the tawk to app, which meant goodbye to the desktop version.
  4. Now every tine someone sends me an email or says hello via any of apps, I receive an instant notification on my phone, and a transcript of all my chats get auto generated into tickets and sent to my email box :rocket:

It does not cost a penny to operate ( just WiFi for hundreds of things I already use ), and no scripts, no funky formulae, or sifting through 1000 of directories just to figure which one charges and which one doesn’t.

Imagine a company with 1000 employees. Google Scripts or WhatsApp? We’ll tawk to is better than both becz of the additional functionalities such as setting up unlimited free agents and conversion of chats to tickets :ticket: etc.

Should give it a try.


i think my idea of push notifs is different from yours
you need push notifications to send to you when you have a new client
but i need notifications to prompt my users of something e.g a new event


A push notification is for both those things. You don’t define use case. They already come to you predefined. You just need to learn the functions.

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Never heard of Adalo till I read your comment. just checked out their page. Is there any reason why you are not building over there. unlimited apps @ $50/ month, they seem cool. What is that glide gives you that Adalo doesn’t curious to know. Or how you compare the two.

Glide is a lot Older than afalo so that kight be the reason adalo might seem more developed
Adalo has a very high cost compared to glide
Glide gives a whole 500 rows while adalo gives 50 for free apps
Glide is a lot easier to use to build apps
Glide is a lot young so we need to help it spread instead of moving ot other no code tools



I think Adalo is very good too. When I think about the easies way to build web apps I think of Glide though. The learning curve of Adalo is a little steeper. After that you get Bubble which I wouldnt call a tool to operate without technological knowledge.

Glide definitely has its frustrations, currently I can’t get any of my Pro apps to reload when I click the reload sheet button. I looked into Adalo and I am currently porting apps over to Bubble.io. But I have 2 pro apps left on Glide that just has so much data in the google sheets that I just don’t want to yet port them over. But with that being said one of the apps has over 2,000 lines of script written in it to make Glide do what Bubble.io already does.