Notification (email) when forms submitted

Yeah I see - well they’re not working for me for some reason.

What field/column are you using as the key?

Im guessing that in your comments component you’ve selected what ever the column which relates to ‘General Feedback’?

I am using the creation ‘Date/Time’ of the original item being commented on.

@david - I’m not receiving email notification of comments are per the docs, is there anything that I may be missing or doing wrong?


I could have sworn that I read something a while back about the email notifications for comments being disabled. I could be wrong. I haven’t been able to locate a thread that mentions it yet.

oh so maybe thats why I’m not receiving anything and if thats the case then the Glide documentation is misleading.

Here’s the comment that I saw about the emails.

I see - so now I’m really confused :joy:

@david or @Mark can either confirm if email notifications for comments are being sent out and working as per the glide documentation in my earlier post?

Email notifications are currently disabled for chats and comments.

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hey @George_B we now know that those email notifications have been disabled by Glide.

To go back to my original query in order to get some form of notifications going (until they are officially supported by Glide), I wanted to see if there is a sample script for step 1 of my approach - do you know of any documentation that may be able to help?

Step 1 : When a new comment is added to sheet ’ App: Comments' a script would run to scan and get all other comments made to the same Topic grab the Email and copy it to another sheet which will list all the emails that need to be sent (similar to the ‘Emails’ sheet in your demo)

Just do a search for beginner Google scripting. In my code sample you can already see how to reference a sheet, and to load cell values into an array. It also shows you how to “walk” through that array and do something with the values that are in it.
When you want to find out how to do something just Google it. When I started I was Googling things like 95% of the time. After a while I looked at code I had already written to remind myself of how I did it. I still Google complex things or things that I did once but can’t find the code that I wrote to do it. It will take some time but for what you are trying to accomplish it shouldn’t be that hard.
This YouTube channel has some great stuff:


Any other plans in the works to address the critical need for some sort of notification approach by glide?

@Rogelio I suspect that it will be part of a master plan when they revisit the entire login process. I for one didn’t like the way it automatically would send emails to everyone that ever commented on a particular topic, when a new person commented. There was no way to opt out of those emails from an individual users standpoint, so again I suspect that they may have been getting spam feedback complaints with their blanket send approach.

You can configure Zapier to send emails when rows are added to Google Sheets. For now we suggest using Zapier.

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There should be a notification from every user who registers in my marketplace, and there is a notification for each comment and chat, and send an email to consumers automatically.

What about deposits or top up funds? I want to deduct daily deposit funds from seller users and customers who have downloaded my application on the Google Play Store, and also take a commission from each transaction … Is that possible ??

What about local payments, can we use a local payment method ?

I think It is better if each user profile is on direct display, for example by clicking checkbok “only user sellers can edit”, while for ordinary customers or bus account buyers can edit on their respective account Menu…?

How to make script “Send Email” button on your sheet sample??
is it automatically send from every consumer do sign up, buy, etc???

is this still available

Email notifications were shut down a long time ago.


oh would love it to come back
:pleading_face: :pray:

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Hi, what about sending regular emails for actions. I want to send an email after “submit” is selected, but the emails don’t go through. What am I missing?

Didn’t you say that you had the wrong recipient address?

Is a requirement having to use things like a zap from Zapier? I thought it would work without any other integrations. If my terminology is not correct, sorry, but learning.

If I recall, you have a private pro app, so you should be able to use the Send Email action. I’ve never used it myself, so I would assume that it should work. I would just make sure that you haven’t exceeded any monthly limits. For something to try, submit your form, but instead of an on submit action, view the details for that new row and add a button with the send email action. This would be a good way to isolate is there is an issue with the send email option, or with using it on a form submit. Also, does your recipient email come from a computed column, or is it written to a basic column when the form is submitted?

Overall, no, you should not need to integrate something like Zapier in this case.

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