Notification to admin

I use the full paid plan, I have 3 levels of users, (seller - admin - owner)
I’d like to add push notifications to the admin if seller meet a certain condition
Is this available in glide?

Email notifications
Have you tried using the actions? Send email, compose text message, Zapier or a webhook with Integromat for instance.

Free push notifications
Solution suggested by @Drearystate

Notifications for chat and comments


All I need is to create a special section for notifications within the application, and whenever a seller fulfills the condition, a message will appear in this section, with a notification appearing on the phone

Im trying to make the same thing a special tab for notifications, im just starting out

If you come up with a way please help me… I am currently using send an email, but Glide gives me 1000 messages on the email only, and I want to use push notifications in the application will be much better. Thank you

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At the moment there’s no support for PWA push notifications from Apple. Sounds like you’re using the send email action from Private Pro plan. You can switch to a webhook/Zapier to not be limited to 1000.

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Nathan. this was a solution before we had webhooks and it is still at no cost to you. If you are sending a large amount of SMS then it will cost. Using a webhook might work in glide sheets but using google sheets was a no go as the sheets were updated using formulas not a entry. Since the cell’s forumla never changed it didn’t trigger. But this method it did.

I switched to for this solution about 2 months ago I believe. They offer webhooks, notifications, free source code for app, etc.

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