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I wouldn’t exactly label this a bug. It’s more like just another change implemented by Glide without consideration of existing users/ and ensuring existing customers don’t get harmed by changes. This is just another time they have changed something which has caused us down time without warning.

Describe the bug:
The custom domain displays “NOT FOUND”.

Expected behavior:
It should display the app on the custom domain like it has for the last 2 years.

How to replicate:
Just access the domain.

I hope this hasn’t impacted too many people.


The specific issues are:

  1. A and AAAA records have been changed for GLIDE
  2. The custom domain verify tool is not updating or providing accurate information (see output below - the A record is marked as red/ although I updated it - there are no AAAA records/ so the verify tool doesn’t seem to update)

I’ve seen a few reports of this, and I’ve also had a small number of my own users affected.
Have bought the issue to the attention of Glide Support.


@qb15 - is the App in question covered by a team plan?

If yes, which one?

Glide has recently begun auditing custom hostnames. For the vast majority of Apps with custom hostnames this process will be invisible. However, we are finding some Apps with custom hostnames which are improperly configured, may not be working.

@qb15 In this specific case you need to remove the AAAA records, and delete one of the A records. The remaining A record needs to change to the value you see on Step 2.

@qb15 We did change our apex IPs. However the old ones continue to work. The problem turned out to be when you set up the initial custom domain, you were not using the old ones we provided, but rather you or your network admin created a custom setup in front those IPs.

what do I need to do?