Custom Domain Verification Issues

Hi everyone!

I am having issues setting up custom domains on my app, where the system seems to show A values multiple times, not letting Glide verify correctly. This is occurring on both of my Glide Apps. If this also adds to anyone’s research, I am using GoDaddy for my domains.

When adding a custom domain, the Glide Helper sometimes seems to list the A value 2-4 times, only verifying one - not letting you finish the setup process. (Shown in picture).

I have tried removing the domain, restarting setup, and resetting the domain in my DNS manager. I just can’t seem to get it to go down to one to verify and finish.

Thank you all!

@eltintero Do you have any experience with GoDaddy in Glide?

This shows up when you have conflicting DNS records in your domain.
Make sure you don’t have any other A records.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

After checking my DNS Manager, there only seems to be one A record, which is the Glide IP.

The other records with the same name (@) cannot be deleted.

Thank you!

I’d try deleting both Glide records from GoDaddy, wait until you see just two red records on the Glide side, then add them again.

Glide is showing you those two extra rows in red because you have two extra A records that don’t match what Glide is giving you. You probably need to remove those two extra A records. Godaddy will prevent you from deleting or editing them if you have domain forwarding turned on or extra security setup. Try removing the forwarding and you should be able to delete those two extra records. Godaddy has excellent support. I recommend reaching out to them to help remove those records. I did this earlier in the week with a client and using the Godaddy chat (after convincing the AI to let us chat with a person) the issue was resolved within an hour.

Edit: If you don’t see extra A records, don’t remove things at random. Work with Godaddy to resolve the issue. Removing name servers can give you more problems.