GoDaddy DNS to Pro App connection

The DNS records on GoDaddy, both the A record and the TXT record, were set up this morning around 10 AM for two apps I am working on. So far I have not been able to get the custom domain to validate in the Glide app. Does anyone have experience with GoDaddy with regard to how long it would take for those settings to propagate? I’ve done it with my Google Domains and it was set up within the timeframes that Jack talks about in his instructional video.

By the way both apps are for the same login user of Glide so the settings are identical in both of the GoDaddy DNS settings for each of these custom domains. I’m guessing that when GoDaddy forwards the request to Glide it passes along the custom domain name and that is what routes it to the proper app. I just thought I would note that fact in case any others wonder as I did (or am still wondering :slight_smile:)

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Be interested to know outcome of this as most of my domains are registered at godaddy, keep us posted cheers

mine is setup on godaddy …the DNS update was almost immediate…maybe 15 mins.

Seconded - mine was within 10-15 mins

Hi George, can you send me the domain you are trying to set up?

It turned out that Glide changed things in the back end and didn’t update the instructions on the new way to set it up. Once I followed the new instructions it worked within minutes.
Follow the written instructions not what the video says.

I just tried to connect my app to a GoDaddy domain and am getting the following error. Any ideas?


Glide request (Add 3 records):
[Can’t upload screenshot due to 1 image limit]

After adding the DNS records in GoDaddy (now there are duplicate A records?):

Also the “Incorrect value” has changed since yesterday, if that helps?

(there are green checkmarks beside the other A and AAAA records)

Do you actually have 2 of the A records? If so delete one of them.

Got it! Thanks George, didn’t realize GoDaddy already had one in there.