Custom Domain Won't Validate With Go Daddy

Hi there,

I’ve been trying this for a week. Following exactly what to the guide and tool tells me to do but still no luck validating my custom domain using the DNS records on GoDaddy hosting.

I want to migrate my app to the top level of supportlocaldallas dot com.
Below is what I get using the tool.

Custom Domain:

Setup Code: wk5XXXXXXXXXXXX (example - changed code for privacy purpose)

DNS records to add to

Name, Type, TTL, Data/Value
@, A, 1h,
@, AAAA, 1h, 2a09:8280:1:ce:e5f0:d577:241:56
_glideauthid, TXT, 1h, wk5XXXXXXXXXXXX

I then go into my DNS manager at GoDaddy and create the following records:

Type, Name, Value, TTL
A, @,, 1 Hour
AAAA, @, 2a09:8280:1:ce:e5f0:d577:241:56, 1 Hour
TXT, _glideauthid, wk5XXXXXXXXXXXX, 1 Hour

It is an identical match from what I’m giving on tool so I’m not sure what is going on or what I’m missing here… It’s been a day, retried, wait, retried, etc.

Would love some assistance here. Thanks!

Did this get resolved and any advice? I am also hosting on go daddy managed domain and getting ready to set it up. Thank you!