"Not Found" message when open an App

From a couples of days a lot of users, when they try to open my App
they receive a blank screen with only a
Not Found
message on the left top corner.
if they try to reopen the app the receive the same message until suddenly, all starts to works again and they are able to use the App
What has been wrong ?
Thanks in advance

Do you see any errors when you look at your Custom Domain configuration in Glide?

Hi Darren,
no there’s no problem in domain’s config and no domain’s error
Only some users are affected by this weird behaviour and not always.
If they reload the page after a while it all works again.
Thanks again

Okay, so just to confirm, when you look at your Custom Domain configuration you see all green ticks as per the below example, yes?

The Not Found error occurs when the Glide App URL cannot be found. There can be several reasons for this, but if it’s an intermittent failure that usually points to a DNS related issue.

The reason I asked that you check your Custom DNS configuration is that Glide recently made some changes that impacted a small number of users with Custom Domains, causing them to become “misconfigured”, and the fix was to reconfigure those Custom Domains.

If that’s not the case with your App, I would still suspect that it’s a DNS related failure. What you will probably find is that if you use the Glide generated URL (.....glideapps.io) it will work.


Hi Darren, thanks for the directions.
You were right.
The DNS’s configurations params were wrong, but this is very strange since my app has run for more than 3 years without problems.
Could it be a problem related to the transition between “old” app to “Classic” App in Glide ?
Thanks again

No, it’s not directly related to the Apps transition, but rather to an audit that Glide did a little while back.

You can find more information about it below:

But most importantly, is it working for you now?

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Yes, all works fine now, i have green-light everywhere.
Thanks a lot again for your great support

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