Not Found Message

My boss and I had our Glideapp fully published and as icons on our iPhone home screens. Everything was going great, then she texted me last night and said that when she clicked on her icon, she got a completely blank screen except the words “Not Found” at the top. I clicked on mine and got the same thing. We deleted it, rescanned the QR code, and put it back on our home screens. The problem was solved.

My concern is that we want to launch this app with other people. What if this happens again? Why did it happen in the first place? Someone please help me determine how to prevent this from happening in the future so we can confidently launch.


This usually happens when the link is changed. Did that possibly happen?

I did change the link but I think I changed it and shared the new link with my boss after I had already changed it. I can’t remember the order of events though!

You changed it after you shared it first, if it was working and then became Not Found.

When you change your app’s link, everyone who already added your app to their home screen will see Not found so please set your link and don’t change it once you’ve shared your app.