Unable to open app link

My app’s URL: https://rebrand.ly/75a86

Here is my app URL .It wouldnt be open in phone. Could you please take a look ?

That link is redirecting me to the Glide Library and not an app. Do you have a DNS setting that’s incorrect?

The link generated for app is redirect to glide library .It would be helpful if you can assist to solve DNS setting problem

I haven’t dealt with it myself, so the best I can offer is the documentation.


I’m having this same issue. The links for all my other apps has been fine…but for the latest one I created, I get the same exact link.

Hi! I was having the same issue. I realized I had forgotten to PUBLISH the app :man_facepalming:. This appears to be the link you get when you attempt to share but haven’t published the app yet.

I think a good feature add would be if you go to share the app and have not yet published it, you get some kind of warning.

Hope this fix works!

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