DNS and WWW. bug

When i write www.comovert.fr internet send me directly to the GlideApp Home page but when i write comovert.fr i go to my website.

Do there is a DNS parameter that i can change or add to have the www.comovert.fr redirecting to my website ?

You need to set up a URL redirect (most DNS providers have one) that will redirect www.comovert.fr to comovert.fr

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It seems it already knows what to do?

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“I understand your concern, however since you are given a resource record that is conflicting with the forwarding of your domain that is why it is best to coordinate with the Webhost provider.”

Can someone spell this out for me please?

It was working and now it isnt. GummyGrab.com now works www.gummygrab.com does not. I am in google domains, what do I need to do to fix?

Found this re: Godaddy.

When a domain is registered at GoDaddy, in our DNS the “www” is by default created as a CNAME, with the value “@” which is shorthand for the domain itself. The “www” CNAME will always by default forward to the domain name, that way people visiting your domain can get to your site either by typing out “yourdomain.com” or by typing out “www.yourdomain.com”.

Some third party companies require the CNAME to also be pointed to something specific on their servers. Blogger, Squarespace, and GSUITE sites are common examples of this. If the CNAME is not pointing to the data required by these third party sites, our default DNS will still forward the “www” to the domain, but upon reaching it the “www” won’t know where exactly it’s supposed to look, which will result in error pages.