“www” Domain settings

Can anyone advise me on how to get www.blakecroft.com to work? Just blakecroft.com works perfectly, but you add the www and it doesn’t work.

From our documentation for ‘Configuring a custom domain’:

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I still have an issue here. SInce I have an .app domain it is not possible to simply redirect with this tld. Should I really lauch a second website for people who enter www in front of the url? Or is there another way?


If you are using Google Domains so you are a lucky woman today!!

This is way how I fixed a similar problem yesterday DNS and WWW. bug


I am always a lucky woman :-). Just not with this. My domain provider (not Google) says that it is with GlideApp’s hosting provider where it needs to be configured for both. Since .app domains require SSL you can’t just forward it. Let me escalate it to support.

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Found a way around: DNS and WWW. bug