How to configure custom domain to work through www

Is it possible to have a custom domain automatically open with www (regardless if accessed from or or For the apps I have that use subdomains as custom urls, this isn’t an issue as cloudflare is enabled for the parent domain and both it and all subdomains are reconfigured through www. The issue I’m having is with a parent domain that is currently pointed to Glide where enabling Cloudflare through my hosting provider caused the site to stop working.

This post explained the possibility of redirects which makes sense and solves the issue of not working to begin with, but still redirects to the instead of Any help is really appreciated!!

I’m working through a similar issue…

I have a Glide Page with a custom domain ( I successfully added www as a CNAME so that points to However, the client also needs to point to

Glide doesn’t provide this service. The domain provider also doesn’t provide this service. Kind of stuck.