New user profile setup

For new users, I have a conditional form that displays via a button. However, this form creates an all new row each time instead of applying the details to the current user’s row.

My goal is to have a new user complete their profile. Is there a good example of how to do this?

Check out @JackVaughan 's newest tutorial:

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve watched these. I’m still having an issue with the triggered form generating a second user. About to give up on it, not sure if it’s a bug.

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Don’t use a form button…forms add rows. Instead, just use conditional entry/picker components on the home screen.

Here’s what I do:



Thank you!

(In the Instagram sample app, they use a form button, which is where I got the idea to use it. )

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The instagram template was created long before the user profiles feature was added. Probably something they need to update at some point.