Obtaining User Information

When a user logs in for the first time, I want to obtain user attribute information ( college, grade and phone number , etc.) other than the user name and email address.
Adalo.com, a similar service, can be designed so that users cannot use the service unless they answer various questions at the same time they log in, is it possible to Implement such a setup for Glide?

Hey @Yusky,

This is totally possible.

Watch this video by @Robert_Petitto. He explains how to do the onboarding so user cannot access the app until their profile is all done.

I hope it helps.

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Hi @SantiagoPerez

Thank you for your kindness!! It could be a solution.
I wish you give me the link of “this video”, because @Robert_Petitto has many comments…

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Here’s my take on the same topic.

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Not sure if this is the video @SantiagoPerez was refering to, but heres a link.

Some more information.

I’m sorry about that @Yusky. I could’ve sworn I posted the link…

I was referring to this video https://youtu.be/eF_lxHVd5NY


Thank you so much!
This video is also very useful!!

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It is very easy to understand!
Thank you so much.