New Row Button

Instead of having the New Row button at the bottom of the GT, would it be possible to move it to the top, right next to the first column?


USE CASE: adding multiple rows manually is cumbersome when you constantly have to move your cursor down every time you need to add one because the new row takes the add button with it. Placing it at the top of the table allows for multiple clicks and quicker additions due to the button being stationary.


Excellent idea!

Call me a purist if you must, but wouldn’t new rows usually be added in the app user interface? How much time are people spending in the builder adding rows?

My first thought is that I’m missing something cool that people are doing and I’m, as usual, doing it the long/wrong way. :crazy_face:

Or, maybe my workflow is just different. Either way I’m just looking to learn, not be critical.

I’m slowly rebuilding a policy and protocol app for our local EMS system and the specific tab that I’m working on right now has 57 rows of medications with 10 columns corresponding to each row. I’d like to move away from GS and towards GTs but without the ability to import a Sheet as a Table, or to do a bulk copy / paste action, manually creating each row is the only option.

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Not a lot, but it happens.
I quite often use “Helper” tables in my apps. Generally these only have a single row, but there can be times when I’ll need a table with 12 rows (months in a year), or 31 rows (maximum days in a month), or even 52 rows (weeks in a year). I had one recently that required 150 rows. Adding the rows for these can be a bit tedious.

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Have you tried recently? :wink:

I have! And it’s super helpful but it doesn’t do much good when the GT starts out with one cell lol. Maybe another feature that could be added along with this one would be the ability to determine the table size before Glide creates it. EX: you click on the GT ADD button and a dialogue box pops up, asking you how many rows and columns you need then it creates the table with those specifications :thinking:

It just needs a number entry component. Where have I seen this before… :thinking:


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Ya…you can hold down the enter key…much faster than clicking, but ya… +1