My information is self deleting

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
I´m adding information to different pages and it gets deleted by itself.

Expected behavior:
The information or items should not be deleted. When I try to create new eventos or add more clothing to each evento, the informations deletes itself almost right away or a few minutes later.

Do you have a video of the bug in action? What type of backend (Sheets, Glide Tables, Airtable, Excel) are you using?

Yes, I will link the video

As you can see, I´m trying to add new events and clothing items as a test but once I refresh the page they get deleted for some reason.

Is you google sheet protected or locked in any way that would prevent it from being edited or from glide being able to write to it?

This behavior happens to me when, in the builder, I add a row with a user that doesn’t have access to the table. For me, the solution almost always has to do with the Row Owners feature. Are you using Row Owners anywhere?

I don´t know, I also don´t know how to do that…

And no, Im not using row owners anywhere, what solutions do you guys recommend?

Try duplicating the app and see if you have the same issue in the duplicate.

The system give an “An error occurred duplicating the app.” sign…

Are you using Google Sheets or Excel? I have seen this behavior with Excel…

I sent a support ticket to Glide a few weeks ago with a link to the App that is causing the behavior.

This is an important question – I have only ever seen this behavior with Excel.


Base on the video, it appears to be google sheets, but don’t hold me to that.

@EloisaVera check this setting. Do you have any sheets/ranges that are protected?:


Also, are you the sole owner of the sheet? It hasn’t been shared with you from someone else by any chance?

Yes, the error is happening in google sheets! I´m not the sole owner of the sheet, it has been shared. I´m the only editor and my coworker is the owner, other 2 people have access on viewing mode

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Yes, it is hard to tell. Here’s what the Excel icon looks like (looks the same as GS to me).

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this is what my screen shows whe I click on sheets that are protected, I think none of them are but there are just two editors (myselof and the owner), do you think that my be the problem?

Yes, i tried adding information to axisting glide tables (the black ones) and it doesn´t get delete it, but the info I add to the sheets circled in red does (the green ones)

hmm, ok, it might be related to permissions or ownership of the sheet, but nothing is standing out to me.

Are you sure that you are still an editor? Can you make changes to the sheet directly instead of through glide?

Who is the primary accountholder for the glide team. Is it your team folder? Did someone else create the folder and invite you into the team? What I’m trying to figure out is who create the team, who created the app, and who added that particular google sheet as a data source. Was it you or someone else in your team?

Ok, so according to the file Im listed as an editor, and I can make changes to the sheet through glide. As you suggested, Im trying to edit directly on google sheets but I cant.

I never had a problem like this I dont know what changed. I´m not the primary accountholder for the glide team, I was invited to the team. That particular googler sheet was created by the owner that the picture shows, just to provide you with more context.

@David_Gabler Looks like there is a subtle difference. It contains google’s logo vs excel’s logo in the subset image.



My eyes are no good. I can see the difference now, but I don’t see the logo. I just see two dots that look different! :crazy_face:

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