My app is not updating the source! Pls Help me!

My app’s URL:

I’m trying to add new users but nothing happens.
I have an opened topic but I guess now, after some test, not only to add, but update a saved user, and it´s not updating the sheet.

What´s wrong!
I am desperate because I am in a best time for people to use it, after I appeared on TV and I am receiving a lot of messages. my users jumped from 300 to 6000, but I had to exclude a lot with the emails anonymous.

Pls Help ME!


Hola Alexandre.

Please, do a fast test: from GDE, try to update some column and/or create a new one manually with some values pointing your GS.

now… does your GS have new data or sync?

Man I’m too nervous that I didnt thought on this test.
You are in the way, to validate what I’m trying to say.

It didnt update the GS!
I waited, click both refresh arrow nothing happens.

and now what I can do to reconnect the GS as a source?

let me think and remember!!

I have seen this trouble before on other APPs

cross the fingers and pray :))


Read this post and verify if you have the same symptoms please

If so, @Mark is the man who can help you better!

E-X-A-C-T-L-Y the same. that´s why the user is not added the fields of onboarding tab is not be enabled.

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I’m reading trying to understand the solution. it´s not clear for me

would u mind to clarify what I have to do? I didnt understand. it´s not easy when u r nervous and English is not your mother language… :))

I´ve already deleted the blank rows but I didnt understand if it´s a issue between Google and Glide or I have to do sth in my file.

By the moment, open a Support Link and notify your problem.

As soon as possible the Glide team will see it and contact you to fix it. Sorry

Btw… Did you test creating a new copy of your App and a new copy of your GS working together?

It’s just a test!

only copy of app but points for the same GS. I’m gonna follow your suggestion. th u soooooo much for your attention and kindness!

although it´s not solved at least we know what it´s.
thx again!


Maybe your original GS has a bottleneck trying to update its data every time a new user is added. While an update process was running other 3-5 new users were added and the update was fired again and this cycle continued many times at a short time blocking your GS.

Maybe some filters or queries can cause this kind of problems if we don’t evaluate the worst scenarios in future.

It’s just one theory, there are other situations (some crazier) able to create this chaos.

Saludos, ten paciencia!

I got it !! COPY the GS and change the source!

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the problem are back! :(((((((((((((((( it worked temporarly!


Let’s do another test:

May you create a new GS and use the IMPORTRANGE() function in order to read some data from your GS with problems?

IMPORTRANGE(url_GoogleSheet, string_range)

I try to find out if your current GS is blocked to work or even, be read by another spreadsheet or external web service. If this fails, there is no doubt that your GS is doing something very wrong with some functions or events.


I created a dashboard but it works fine! if I understand u.
I mean I can read all information of GS_source.

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My friend, how are you with your problem?

Any news?

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man u won’t believe it! I talked with @Lucas_Pires he was amazing! help a lot so kind as u but when we replace the source, it looks fine but just for a few minutes. I mean, people can login or sign up but after that, the e-mail is not register in the GS.

I’m changing some msg with support and now I’m happy that they told me that I’m not the only one with this issue.

Meanwhile, I receive thousands of msgs asking about the app. Let´s keep praying!
Thx so much for asking!


:persevere: :persevere:

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