App wont update from sheet

My app’s URL:

I was about to complete this app when it stop updating from the sheet. Its been a couple hours. I have reloaded page, reloaded glide and signed out.

I fear having to disconnect the sheet and reconnecting.

Any suggestions?

Don’t do anything drastic until you hear from the Glide team. Contact them for assistance.

We’re looking into it right now.

Would you mind sharing your spreadsheet with me, please?

Same here, writes to my tables seem to work fine btw. Attached some screenshots which might be helpful:

I have these issue since yesterday (9/25/2019 UTC+1, around 15:00). The data in the table is fine, no errors whatsoever.

Debugged it a little via Postman. The request for the manifest ( seems to work when I omit the referer request header which is Not sure this error affects the issue of sheet sync not working though.

No that’s not the problem. The manifest intentionally doesn’t work on the builder.

I have been seeing this recently as well. I’ll update my sheet, re-check it in glide, and it looks good. Later, even in the Glide UI (as well as on phones), they’ll revert to a prior version of the sheet. I started adding a version number and date to each sheet update to try and keep an eye on it, and it seems to frequently go back a version or two.

I am using linked sheets to import data, if that seems particularly relevant.