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Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to get all the followers of users who uploaded reviews on a location.
Is it possible? Can you please help me find a workaround if not?


Sounds like you simply need to create a multiple relation column in the locations sheet linking the location in the location sheet to the location in the reviews sheet. Then, create an inline list in the locations sheet to display the users that submitted reviews for the location.

I don’t think that solves my problem.
Maybe I’m mistaken.

I have no problem getting the users of all the reviews in the locations sheet.
But when I’m trying to get with Lookup the followers emails of all of those users, I don’t have this option in the lookup field edit.

I need those to have a filter on Locations by Sign in user to check if the sign in user is among the followers of one of users who reviewed the location.

Thank you for trying to help!


Can you take a screenshot of the reviews sheet for me?

The screenshots didn’t help me much since everything was blurred out and it was hard for me to mentally map how everything was related. I think I’m also missing how the followers are attached to users. But if I understand what I think you are asking, you essentially want to create an array of all followers from all users who have written reviews for a location. You can easily create the relation from Locations to Reviews, do a lookup of User name, then create a relation from the lookup to the User’s sheet. I think where you run into the problem…and I’ve seen this before…is that you cannot create a lookup that creates an array of arrays together.

I posted about this situation awhile back while helping somebody else, but it never evolved into anything beyond that. Maybe this would be a case for a feature request.

As an alternative, maybe you could try to think backwards and create your relation from the users to the reviews sheet, then a lookup to get the location and then create a direct relation from location to users. Again, I think I’m missing something to completely picture this. Also, kind of mentally out of it today.

Also take a look at this to create a default value to use for a relation only when the signed in user is following a user who review a location. I think you could set it up so an if/then colum will only be filled, possibly with the signed in user’s email, when the signed in user’s email is found in the follower’s array (might need a template of signed in user’s email, to a relation in the followers array, to an if/then column that checks if the relation is empty or not and returns user email). Then you could use your original thought or some of the ideas I presented to build your email array on the locations sheet, but it would only contain the signed in user’s email for the relavant locations they can see.

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Thank you Jeff!
It worked!

  1. First I created a If-Then-Else column in the reviews sheet that will have the user’s email in case Users followers is signed-in user.


  1. Then I made a relation between the Location and all of its reviews in the Location sheet and added a lookup for the column I created in the Reviews sheet that I mentioned in the last paragraph.


  1. Then because it was an array, I had to find a way to convert it to a column with one value of the signed in user’s email, so I created rollup column to count the number of emails and creted another If-Then-Else column to check if the number is grater than 0 and if so to put the signed in user email address:


  1. I used this final column to filter the inline Location list!

Thank you again @Jeff_Hager!

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Awesome! I’m glad you made sense of what I wrote. I admit it probably wasn’t clear and wasn’t really a solution. Sometime you just have to think outside the box and think backwards to find the right solution.