Users following each other

I want users in My app to Follow other users to get notifications from thier post
And i also want users to see thier followers hiw do i go about this

Any Ideas

Anything @Jeff_Hager , @Lisa and @ThinhDinh
pleasee i need this fast

Assuming your users can see each other’s profiles:

Make a new boolean column on the profile called “Follow this user” or something similar. Make it user specific, and use a switch for the user to select “Follow”



To be able to see the list of people you follow, all you need is an inline list pointed at the profiles or user pages, and filter it like this:

As far as seeing who is following you, I haven’t worked that out, but I don’t need to. I just wanted to be able to follow certain people, not see who was following me.

Thanks a lot
do you think there is a way via form and maybe relations

There may be, but I wasn’t going to spend any time on it because I didn’t need it.

Solved this!! @Tim_Sullivan i have solved this

It Was pretty simple
I created a following sheet with only two columns followers email and person who is following mail in glide i created a form( on my profiles tab) writing to that following sheet i created then i took the users mail and a column value with the email of the user he wants to follow so all the user does is click submit
Then in my data editor i created a relation(not set to match multiple) relating thier mails to their profiles for the follower then a lookup value for the followers name and image
then on the profiles sheet i add an inline list showing the following sheet and i filtered it that following mail is screen mail and bam it is done

@Jeff_Hager if you read my solution i have a problem i do not want a user to follow another user more than once

i forgot. to unfollow i used a link to screen action linking to the following sheet
I added an inline list filtered by follower email is signed in user then the user will click on the person he wants to unfollow use the pencil then delete

Check out the solution here. You can either use the isFavorites column, or use a new user specific column, like @Tim_Sullivan shows. Either way should give you the same result without the need for a separate sheet.:

How do you notify users about new posts of people they follow?

i do not know of a way of notifying mainly because we are basically filtering a list