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How do I make a list of followers for each user? and a counter? I already have a favorites built in, in which users have a list of users that they follow however I need to make a list of users that are following them. So far I have created a user specific ‘follow’ column. I’ve played with the if then else function but haven’t gotten a resolution just yet.
Any suggestions?

This might be a good thread to read through.

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Yes I did review that before I submitted this post however it doesnt work for me, I am in need of the ‘how to’ instructions. The post that you sent doesnt allow me access to the app.

I’m sure it has something to do with the ‘if then else’ and the filtering. Any suggestions?

Well, it’s a bit of a process to build something like that. I don’t have a good example myself, but maybe somebody has an example floating around somewhere.

Essentially, what you are trying to build is a comma delimited list of users that are following another user. This comma delimited list would be placed in a column in the user row. It would also have to not be a user specific column, because you want everybody to be able to access and see the users contained within that column. That comma delimited list can then be split into an array with a Split Text column and used for relation back to the user table.

The trick is how to populate it and properly update it whenever a user follows or unfollows another user. You may want to look for some threads that discuss the trebuchet method. @Lucas_Pires and @Robert_Petitto have some very thorough video tutorials on how to set it up. It’s a complex method that can add and remove specific values from a comma delimited string of text, but it does take a solid understanding of how Glide works to pull it off. @Lisa’s example may be similar, but I’m not sure. I thought there were videos describing her process, but I could be wrong.

Another thought would be to have your comma delimited followers column, a column with the signed in user’s username, and a template that joins the two (that you can use with a set column action to overwrite the existing followers column). Unfollowing still gets a bit complicated.

There are some simpler methods where you could create a row in a sheet for each user and a single following user, but that would eat through rows very quickly.

Maybe somebody else will chime in with a sample app or better instructions.