Show Ratings/Reviews in a second location on app

My salon profiles have team members listed:

If a team member gets a review, it only shows up on their profile:

However, I want it to additionally show up on the salon profile as long as they are working there.

I have a column that relates the stylist to the salon they work at:

but I can’t seem to figure out how create the relation so that I make an inline list for stylist reviews at the salon.

I can’t get anything to connect to the ‘stylist works at’ lookup column, but I also can’t seem to figure out how to convert the text in the lookup column to something that can be recognized.

Any help?

Your lookup column is returning an array, that’s why you can use it how you want to.
I suspect that you have a multiple relation where you should have a single relation.
Presumably a stylist only works at one Salon?
Check your relation from Stylist to Salons in your Reviews table, and make sure it’s a single relation.

Looks they are only singles, did i check the right ones?

Yes, both of those look fine.
And then I see you have the “Works at [name]” column, which is returning the Salon Name.
Can you not use that?
ie. Add a list to your Salons details screen that uses the Reviews table as a source, and then use that Salon name lookup as a filter?

Let me try that. My other one was done with a relation and these were all the options it was providing me so i was trying to create the same thing as the other one.

This is all it’s letting me do:


No no, that’s not what I meant.

I meant to use the Salon Name as the filter.

So “Salon Name IS Works at [Name]”

OK so my problem there - is that in the reviews table, the salon columns are only returning the salon name when the reviews are actually left for the salon and not the stylist

Okay, now you have me confused :crazy_face:


Seems to conflict with this…

Let me study your screenshots a bit more


The salon columns are only populated for the salon reviews
The stylists columns are only populated for the stylist reviews

I was trying to bridge the gap with the lookup column (you’ll see the "works in’ salons are filled in, in reverse of the salon column) but then that lookup column isn’t letting me do anything lol

oh, right - so it could be either/or… duh :man_facepalming:

Okay, so in that case could you not use both in the filter with an OR condition?
So something like:

  • Reviewee Salon IS Salon Name
    – OR
  • Works at [Name] IS Salon Name

? :thinking:

So the ‘reviewee salon’ column is out because that’s only showing up for salon reviews (which I’ve got covered in my original inline list)

If it’s a stylist review, reviewee salon is blank (ie. a review for breanna carr, will show nothing on the reviewee salon column, bc the review isn’t for the salon)

And the “stylist works at” one won’t return anything I can use:


Why do i make everything so complicated? :sweat_smile:

oh, now I see.

I was looking at that “Works at [name]” column thinking it was in your Reviews table. But it’s in your Professionals table (which I guess is your Stylists table?)

Anyway, you need to get that value into your Reviews table. You should be able to bring it in as a Lookup through that Stylists relation, I believe.

And then use that value in the filter.

hmm, maybe that’s what that “Stylists works at” column is supposed to be?
Can you show me the configuration of that Lookup column?

Yes! I’m deriving it from my professionals (stylist) table:

I was trying to use the lookup column as the means to bring that connection IN to the reviews table from the professionals table, is that not right?

I see it…

You’re selecting the wrong column in the Lookup. See below - the one I’ve pointed to is the one you should select.

Halleluiah! SEND ME THE BILL!!!


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