Stuck: Arrays, Lookups, Multiple Relations

I have 2 Glide tables; USERS and CREATORS. (the pic is gSheet just for illustration.)

I’m trying to let “USER’S” subscribe to “CREATOR’S” via an inline list. For 2 reasons:
1: So USERS can add or remove a CREATOR from their current subscriptions.
2: Most importantly! To gather all LINKS from all subbed CREATORS and place in an array for that USER.
The attached tables show the end desired result.

I thought I could log subbed USERS in a column on each CREATOR’s row (not shown in snapshot) using an inline list “set column value”. Then relate the CREATOR and LINKS back to the USER table.

I can get the CREATORS related back to the USERS sheet no problem. But I can’t get the CREATORS’ LINKS back to the USER sheet.

I tried combining all row LINKS on CREATORS sheet into an array using a template. But when I try a lookup of it on the USERS sheet, the lookup won’t recognize that column (yet it recognizes all others).

Then on USERS sheet I tried separate lookups (one for each CREATOR LINK column), but the template won’t let me join them. Is there another way to join them?

Other entirely different solutions?

If rows count is not that much of a problem for you, I would advise creating an extra table to store the subscriptions.

User email | Creator email

Then use a multiple relation using the user email to relate the Profiles table and the Subscriptions table.

Then you can return an array of creator emails that the user has subscribed to using a lookup column on top of the relation above.

Finally, use the array above and create a relation to the Links table (I assume you have a table for that), using the creator email to relate. You can then use that relation as the source for your Links inline list.